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Starting Small. . .

I think a big issue with being an entrepreneur is the on-sight of the greatest future. Or maybe it’s because I am a Sagittarius.... By this I mean that I find myself skilled at many of the tasks of running my own businesses, but the follow through has been the greatest jump on the journey. When I first created the website for Stardust & Hunnybee I envisioned already having a studio, space, equity, and the ability to use my technical skills via art and dance. However, lacked to see the reality that I have just moved to a new city, live in a studio apartment, and don't know the first thing about running an entire business. I started as an artist that sold on Etsy. Now I have to think of membership plans, data, and marketing.

And theres only one of me...

After moving to a San Francisco without a penny in my pocket, I found it hard to even find time to paint while working effortlessly to pay the bills. In the movies and books they make opening up a shop in a new city look so easy. But I feel there was many things for me to learn before having that responsibility.

Luckily, the position of my dreams fell into my lap. I am now the studio manager at a design company (Name not provided due to NDA contract). This is a start up business that specializes in art retail, and art classes for youth and adults. Ummm PERFECT FOR ME RIGHT? In this journey I am learning hands on with the CEO how she started her business, and have it thrive for 17 years while maintaining her love and passion. Beyond this, they take learning to an EXTRA. They have me study books like "E-myth" and corporate pillars to understand how to run a working team. As an artist, a teacher, a manager, and an entrepreneur I am truly learning how to tackle the concept of bringing all the learning experiences to my life and dreams. "Jack of all trades, master of none" The take away I have gathered in a month of this position is that I am still learning. And in order to master the trade of owning a business it takes a team. But the reality of creating a business with passion is starting small. You may have noticed I've taken things down from my site. This is truly to focus on capturing my art, my poetry, my blog, and hopefully soon start posting my lessons on arts and witchy crafts ;). I want this business to grow and flourish like I do. That means baby steps! I look forward to seeing where the universe takes me.

Are you along for the ride...? Follow @Stardusthunnybee on instagram for more.

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