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O... It's GABE!

Who is Gabe? A producer, an artist, a hub for the Tucson community, a musician, a videographer, hopefully not the next Ye... But in fact the bigger and better Kanye? No matter how you interpret O It's Gabe's knack for talent, he definitely is a "Creative Manager" for all versions of art. What truly impresses me about Gabe's intense talent is that he is able to see the world, and hear all of its raw material and turn it into something truly mesmerizing.

"Some people use smells as a way to remember a certain moment in their life, Or certain images that take them back, for me I use songs as triggers to give me...emotions"- O It's Gabe

Gabe from the Past

Before O It's Gabe was even out of the womb, his mother and father would place headphones on his mothers protruding belly that allowed Gabe to hear their voices and the sweet sound of music. From the instance Gabe took a breath of this worlds air he had breathed in the talent that surrounds the artistic universe. It's going to be a journey into the world of creativity, but he quickly grasped it by the horns and took life's chances on head first.

Gabe The Producer

Gabe's first major success was turning band geeks into the coolest trend. Gabe was intrigued by the sleekness of the Saxophone, and was broadened by the cool grasp of the music this instrument could create. Gabe was drawn to the unison that band had created in music.

" Being in Band, when you're all playing together as a group, can be a crazy feeling. Especially when youre all on point. I wanted to recreate that feeling..." - O It's Gabe!

In his Senior year of high school, 2016, Gabe was messing around with some beats on FL Studios, a tool he has been using for all production, when he began sampling his own playing through guitar, piano, harmonica, or even through his voice. This drove his passion for sampling. Sampling is the technique of digitally recording music or sound then reusing it as part of a composition. One of my first interactions with Gabe, I was sitting in his room with my partner (Jade) having a light hearted conversation full of laughs. I was riveted by the equipment he possessed and all the musical and artistic talent that surrounded his life. Little did I know, two weeks later, he had sampled Jade and my conversation and turned it into a pretty fantastic song. O It's Gabe truly has a "Drummers Ear", a way for listening into the audio frequencies of life and turning the natural into an artistic beat and expression.

Download ZIP • 3.86MB

Gabe The Videographer

As a kid, Gabe didn't leave anywhere without a video camera. As a teenager, he filmed the sickest skateboard tricks. 360 Kick-Flip to his adult life, Gabe films all the content he can. Like his sampling, Gabe will film realtime events and turn it into crazy videos and amazing art pieces for the content of some of Tuscons best bands.

As well as, O It's Gabe creates these visually intense covers for the albums of these same bands. You will find that if you ask Gabe for a project he will give you more than expected. He takes his inspiration from the artist that surround him, and all the friends in Tucson who are creatively gifted. Collaborations with Artists like Big Vinci, Josh Brown, Bobbi, and many more have truly shown Gabe's creative gift in turning raw talent into something visually pleasing, and intensely "Weird". There isn't a genre that goes untouched by Gabe and I truly encourage you to tune into his frequency.

Gabe The Art Coordinator

The "Jack of All Trades"... who could that be? O IT'S GABE! Another creative gift of Gabe is that he has created a plethora or art events for the Valley of Tuscon, Arizona. It began in his house where he did 6 Livestream events where he has been raising money for his own studio. The events that he holds centers around the collection of artists that live in the valley.

"Its about finding the Hidden Gems that a lot of people don't know about, and bring it to the mainstream"- O It's Gabe

The idea stemmed from wanting to create a show to display music (a.k.a the livestream). "Music and art go so well together" Gabe mentions. He really wanted to have a visual form for people to tune into that shows creative expression. Little did he know it was going to grow as big as it did. Soon after O It's Gabe began looking for venues to hold theses events. After a process of 3 months, he was able to curate an entire event for the community of Tucson that featured a live sculpture of old TV's playing retro videos he had shot, some amazing rappers and performers, vendors for food and drinks, and a family of artist that helped develop this idea into a reality.

To even hold the event he had to design merch to sell to break even on the costs of the show. He created a print that ended up being live printed on shirts by the amazing company C.R.E.A.M. Then secure a date at the venue, get all the permits, collect the vendors, gather the artist, and promote the entire thing. While all of this continued to be a team effort, what's miraculous to me is how Gabe was able to take control of an entire event and promote art for a plethora of talent throughout the community.

Gabe in the Future

O It's Gabe's goal is to eventually own their own music label. The incredibleness of this is that he already has his own studio, a collection of musicians who have teamed with him, and a knack for production. I can definitely see Gabe's success in his valor.

"JZ didn't drop their first album until he was 30 years old. So as long as I'm good before that, then I can still make it"- O It's Gabe

When I asked Gabe to describe to me more about life's expectancy for fame at such a young age. We got into a very philanthropist discussion about what the measurement of success was. To Gabe it doesn't matter what he is doing as long as it is centered around his expression. I find that this very passion is found within everyone of us. The thing I love about Gabe is that his mission for "success" isn't limited to his own measurement, but how he can uplift the music industry with the people he surrounds himself with. Its not just about Gabe but the entire community of Tucson.

"We are all living on the same planet living through these lives and time. We never know what people are going through. I just think that's crazy"-Oh It's Gabe

If you ever happen to be working on a project and need some artistic guidance for your visual liking or intense production Hit Up O It's Gabe! Their gift to turn anything into a hit will surely rock your perception of art. And look out for their Livestreams, events in Tucson, The newest Collaboration with KILT, and their new Single coming out this year.

For More on O It's Gabe's Raw Talent. Look out Record Labels... O ITS GABE is here!

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