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This has been a hard decision to make. Since my last update on my personal life I wanted to reshape some amazing things that have been happening on my end! There are two parts: Personal Life Update and Haitus (For anyone that wants to skip)

Personal Life Update

For the last few months I no longer work for said Studio that I originally started with when I moved to San Francisco. Lets just say that being studio manager was a lot more than I was willing to take on (or anyone was for that matter...). I realized quickly that what was missing in my life was my passion for teaching.

As an art teacher for the last 4 years of my life; and working with youth for over 7, I find myself missing the classroom where I cultivated youth who are equally as passionate about art. Teaching is one of my passions that makes my heart soar. As an educator I am able to help foster a positive learning environment that helps promote creativity and inclusivity. I pride myself in helping each individual feel heard and accepted in the classroom. Beyond this, I find that developing these skills in youth also helps me develop my passions for art as well. So, I decided to chug on trying to find an art teaching position again. For 3 months I was a substitute teacher around San Francisco and the surrounding area (Oakland, Daly City, Etc.). I had come quickly to find that due to the extension of school closures from Covid-19 around the city, many art programs suffered. Thus, at least 15 schools I went to stated that they had moved to YouTube over having actual art programming. Which is already frustrating as an art educator. Since there is so MUCH to art beyond learning how to draw and paint. There is history, lessons about life, experimentation, and developmental skills that could not be replaced by a "learn to draw video". Either way.. it didn't matter I was SOL. However, I kept on searching for the right path for my Journey. Knowing my passions, I have been blessed to join a new school in the fall as a 3rd Grade teacher! I'm excited to implement some fun crafts in my room and foster a creative environment for my kids. As well as, I am going to be starting my Masters in Art Education. I am so excited to finally get to study art (Which will be another blog post) and continue my perseverance to become an art educator. Not only for Stardust & Hunnybee, but hopefully as a professor as well. At the end of the day teaching and learning are my passions. JEEZ that's why I started this place in the first place!!


Finally, I am taking a Hiatus from commission work... This has been a tough decision to make. I am Currently in the process of making two murals (Check out Stardust Hunnybee on Instagram for more), as well as finishing some art projects for a few friends. I will still be positing my own personal art as well! With that being said I am still going to be selling some art on the side, but it will be art that I WANT TO CREATE! You will also notice that I will be taking down some "R rated" art from my page. This decision is of my own because I will be educating students and I want to ensure that I am projecting a more kid friendly format in case they find my art :) I have done alot of work for others, and with me going back to school I am super excited to be taking this dive for myself. Therefore, you will notice that I will be less "business" front facing. I do apologize to any future clients who may be reaching out to me. I will however still be working with a few artists on some more blogs! WOOP WOOP! In the meantime I will be focusing on school, my classroom, and my sweet sweet family.

Meet Supernova :) Looking forward to more blog posts to come. Much love for my 2 readers ;)

Love Stardust & Hunnybee

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