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Welcome to Stardust & Hunnybee

Updated: Jan 26

By Veronica Moonchild Owner/Director

I wish this was the start to an epic blog post! However, it's simply just how Stardust & Hunnybee was founded. In 2018 I had a dream about having my own studio where I can inspire artists, dancers, photographers, and thousands of people interested in artistic ventures to pursue careers in this ever growing world. However, this journey can date back to the beginning. When I first started painting.

Art Though-out the Years

In my youth I entered thousands of arts competitions with the National Fine Arts Exhibits and won on national levels. Thanks to the Boys & Girls Clubs, I was surrounded by amazing artists and entrepreneurs that encouraged me to keep pushing my dreams. I found every stretch of artistic output I could use to express myself in my youth. Through outlets of dance and art, for me, I used it as an escape from a stressful home life. At a young age I could see the potential art can have to change a life.

Teaching and Experience

I soon found my way into being an Art teacher and Dance coach. Throughout my years of teaching I have been honored to cheer at the Suns Arena, Cardinals stadium, and meet with many professionals that have encouraged my pursuit of choreography. As well as, coordinating art events with the Scottsdale Center of Performing Arts, and teaching art at the same time. I've been grateful to have some of my own youth submissions win nationally. Knowing where I came from, my heart feels full knowing I can encourage young artists to thrive in the artistic world.

Custom Longboards

Throughout this time I have been pushing myself as an artist. Taking a step back from Stardust & Hunnybee to grow my artistic talents.I found my love for painting again and continue to paint my own designs on the FANTASTIC longboards seen on THIS SITE!!! As I will encourage many other artists to use this platform as well. Lets. show our passions to the world.

Our Goal for the NEW YEAR!!!

My Goal for 2022 is to expand our horizon in the professional field. Starting in the heart of San Francisco, we will be venturing to live studio classes for artists and dancers of all levels to find. Whether you are highly experienced, to just finding new hobbies I encourage all ages to try out one of our classes! (Coming soon to a location near you) Amongst this, one of our many ventures will be the pursuit of knowledge. I will keep teaching others while we invite professionals to come join us as well.

Closing Message

Thank you all so much for believing in our mission. I can't wait to grow this community into a platform that allows artists to exist in the real world. I hope to inspire everyone to pursue their passion no matter who tells you no!

Please feel free to leave a comment, or ask questions!

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