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Adeline Smith Photography

A Truly Love Capturing Experience

A Personal Link to Our Photos

"If I could sum up the experience into one word it would be... WOW! "-Jade Dufour

On August 16th, 2022 Adeline offered my partner Jade and I the wonderful opportunity to shoot with her Pro Bono to increase her portfolio around the world. The opportunity was too good to pass for the both of us. Not only were we able to shoot in the most beautiful park in San Francisco. But the main attraction that brought Jade and I here, the Golden Gate Bridge, really captured us and welcomed us into our new home. If I'm being honest, like most couples, I was in an annoyed mood when trying to leave the house. Rushing out the door, late, in the cold could really set off anyone. But that didn't matter as soon as we met with Adeline. Not only is Adeline's kind positive nature a breath of fresh air, but she immediately jumped into the photography process with us. Adeline really helped us with posing, and candid shots. Which can be extremely difficult for some! Adeline really knew how to make the process of capturing our photos dynamic and fluid. I didn't feel stiff or like I was posing for a cheesy "Live, Laugh, Love" Photos. Instead I felt welcomed to boast my physical connection with my partner. She encouraged us to cuddle, kiss, laugh, tickle, tease each other as if she wasn't even there. Her boastful encouragements really made us feel comfortable in the whole process.

Adeline is definitely a visionary if I have ever met one. With each change of scenery she knew exactly how to pose us and make us laugh. And within each pose and change of our body placements, she kept the fluidity active. She encouraged us to keep moving. In all Jade and I kissed, danced, loved all in the surrounding beauty of a sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge. I definitely unlocked a "Core Memory".

Beyond this, Adeline is undosbtfully quick, enthusiastic, and professional. She sent us a personalized link to our photos within 2 days of the photographs. I am so excited to bring these prints to life in our home and show off Jade and I's love.

About the Artist

Adeline's photography journey began in 2014, when she borrowed a DSLR camera to have a photoshoot with her friends.

"We would hang out after school and just walk around taking portraits of each other. I loved seeing how happy my friends would be with their photos and really enjoyed the whole process of capturing and editing them" -Adeline Smith

Since then her camera hasn’t left her hands. The Canon 7D became her most powerful tool for capturing the fun energy that surrounds her daily life. With it, she can see through the lens of an artist, and boast her artistic nature wonderfully.

For Adeline, her inspiration is mental health. "Depression is a constant struggle but my photography never fails to bring me back up" Having a creative outlet as a full time job has allowed her to dedicate all her time to her passions and focus on running a successful business . Everyday Adeline gets to work with the thing that brings her the most joy. Her dedication to her mental stability and and career goals are carried into one.

Through photography she is able to capture genuine laughter, happiness, silly moments, and little things that would just pass right by in everyday life.

"I am able to create tangible creative memories that people can cherish and enjoy for generations to come"- Adeline Smith

Adeline's inspiration is actually from Instagram! "I see so many talented photographers on instagram who constantly keep me inspired" she notes. Seeing them work hard on growing their business and photography skills makes her want to do the same. I mean... haven't we all been inspired by the life of artistic entrepreneurs? One specific photographer who stood out is Sydney Noelle (IG @sydneynoellephoto).

She has been following her since before she even picked up a camera. Her editing style, travels, and overall branding has created a central theme in the way Adeline carries her photography. Eye capturing...

Another photographer she notes as inspirational is Cassidy Lynne (IG @cassidylynne). She has a podcast, “Oh Shoot!” to which Adeline mentions is her my favorite thing to listen to in the car on the way to her sessions. The Podcast is relatable and has so much useful advice to give that promotes Adelines photography.

"There are so many things I see for my business. I love to travel so my biggest goal is to book sessions in as many different places as possible. Meeting new people and learning about new places makes sessions that are already super fun even better! "-Adeline Smith

Much like Adeline I truly see her Career TAKING OFF. Not only was it a tantalizing experience to meet with such a positive person. But Adeline takes her photography farther than anyone I have ever shot with. She hopes to provide mental health help to anyone in need in her process of discovering happiness. Although, friend to friend, she mentioned to me that she doesn't know exactly how to incorporate this yet. I would find that her answer is already right in front of her. Girl... YOU ALREADY DO!

Adelines ability to bring out the love and positivity into her photography, the way she talks to people, and the photos she captures are really the beauty of providing happiness to people. You definitely did that for me :)

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